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Read More. Note: Google Maps creates a real-time sharing link which others can use to track your location, rather than a link to a static location. This service only works within the Apple ecosystem, so your friends will need iPhones too. On the flipside this also means you can track the location of your friends as they go about their business.

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I was able to log into her iCloud account and eventually get the device back. Find My iPhone lets you play a sound to try and locate your device, enable Lost Mode , or initiate a remote erase. You can also see your current battery level.

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The Find My iPhone app helps you locate and protect your lost or stolen iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, AirPods, or Mac. Find My iPhone includes a feature called Activation Lock that prevents anyone else from activating and using your device, even if it’s completely erased. Sep 17, Learn how to set up Find My iPhone on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Watch, and AirPods. Then if your device ever goes missing.

When your battery dies, Find My iPhone will report the last known location. Have a look at these features that will impress your friends. Provided your friends have already invited you to track their location, use any of the following methods to find them:.

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You can choose to receive a notification when a contact either leaves their current location or nears another, provided they are already sharing their location with you. This is an essential step if your iPhone has been stolen.

irsosorsams.tk If you have Apple Pay set up on your device this will be disabled and any cards set up will be suspended. When if you retrieve the iPhone you will be able to reactivate your cards via iCloud. Read more about how to use Apple Pay on iPhone here.

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If you get your iPhone back you should be able to unlock it using your passcode, but if there are any issues you should be able to get it unlocked at an authorised repair centre. There's a great reason to update to iOS 13 - now the Find My service is able to track iPhones and other Apple products using a Bluetooth signal that they produce.

This means that even if your iPhone is not connected to the web it will still be able to broadcast it's location to you. Because hopefully the person who has your iPhone won't have been able to use it without unlocking it, it is likely that it isn't connected to the web, therefore this new Bluetooth method is a great way of tracking the lost device because it can be 'seen' by Bluetooth beacons in shops and so on regardless of whether it is connected to the web.

To make sure your iPhone can be found this way you make sure that Offline Mode is enabled, which it should be by default.

How to recover deleted or lost files from 'Recycle Bin' on iPhone?

Here's how to check:. The last known location of your iPhone will be stored for 24 hours after the battery runs out.

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This isn't on by default but when you open Find My iPhone on your iPhone you will see an alert asking you to enable it. If you have Send Last Location enabled you will be able to see where your iPhone was when it ran out of battery or was turned off. If you have set up Family Sharing you will be able to locate a family members device using Find My iPhone.

You will need your family members Apple ID and password when you go through the steps to lock their device. There have been stories of Find My iPhone being used to locate missing people, such as this injured hiker and a missing climber. If it's a member of your family and you have signed up for Family Sharing you will be able to see the location of the other person, as well as share their music, films, apps, photos, location and more.

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The only issue is that you will use a shared payment method - which means you might end up paying for their purchases. Find out how to use Family Sharing. A better option might be to use Apple's Find My Friends app, which lets you see where your friends and family are - as long as they approve. If this tool fails to accomplish your task, your money will be refunded to your account by contacting the tech support team on our homepage: www.

Let the program find all your lost or deleted files on your iPhone. Preview and restore lost 'Recycle Bin' files on iPhone. Select the deleted files such as contacts or photos that you want to restore from recycle bin on your iPhone and click Recover to save them to a safe location on your PC.

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